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Make customers happy 

Build meaningful relationships with your customers

Your customers aren't clones. ConfigureID creates unique experiences for each visitor and connects with them in a fun and fulfilling way increasing customer engagement

Scale globally

Multilingual configurators for your global audience 

ConfigureID runs in 150+ countries and lets you use different languages and currencies, helping you increase market share and international sales.

Tailored to your needs

Flexible solution that adapts to your brand 

ConfigureID is built to match the style and needs of your business.  

  • Highly customizable UI 

  • Dynamic product pricing 

  • Configurable rules as needed 

  • Self-serve administration

More options to reach your customers

Presence in China

Place your brand in front of the world’s largest consumer market with our reliable, performant, and compliant solution.  

Comprehensive technology

In-Store and Online

Configure can be used online and in your physical stores letting your customers personalize products at their convenience.

Comprehensive technology

Integrates with any

e-commerce platform

ConfigureID can be embedded in any webpage regardless of your e-commerce platform. 

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